IroFit Payments

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No Internet Needed

Our patent-pending technology processes card transactions in REAL-TIME without an Internet connection: we employ universally available basic GSM connectivity. Thus, we vastly increase the coverage area where card payments are possible. The overall transaction success rates in areas with poor/no Internet connection increase from <50% to over 90%.

Secure Payment

Our technology is secure, exceeding the most stringent global standards. The card reader device is EMV 1&2 certified for secure mobile payments. Card data is encrypted end-to-end, and the reader does NOT store your card data. Our proprietary fraud detection system ensures that card payment is safe for you.

Boost Sales

We consider ourselves partners with small business, helping them satisfy their customers and increase sales. When your customers are free to pay with their cards anywhere, anytime, they get an overall improved shopping experience and spend more. You also encourage spontaneous, unplanned purchases. Bottom line is: your sales go up. We also provide you with a suite of services to help you monitor, plan, and grow your business- such as sales tracking, integration with accounting platforms, and sales analytics.

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